Italian Pensioners in Albania: The Formula for Living Well with a Pension Taxed Only at 1%

Mario and Luisa two Italian pensioners who moved to Albania

Mario and Luisa are an elderly Italian retired couple who had lived a happy and fulfilling life in Italy. After working all their lives, they were ready to enjoy their retirement and retired life. But because of the increasing tax burden and high taxes, they decided to move abroad, particularly in Albania, where pension taxes are only 1%.

After moving to Albania, Mario and Maria quickly adapted to local life and the warmer, more temperate climate of northern Italy was a

pensioners in albania happy with their pensions

 blessing for their brittle bones. 

Here they found a modest but clean house with a breathtaking view. They began to explore the country and discovered that Albania offered them not only lower taxes on the 1% pension, but also reasonable prices for basic necessities. Their retirement seemed to go further and the quality of life increased.

Mario and Luisa also loved the hospitality and generosity of the Albanians. They felt at home here and even began to make friends with some of the locals. Before long, Mario and Luisa had become an integral part of the local community. They not only felt at home, but also very secure. They had become an integral part of the Albanian community and had a richer and more fulfilling life.


What does Albania offer to Italian pensioners?

The possibility of living in Albania can be an exceptional opportunity for Italian pensioners. Albania is a country of great beauty, with a rich culture and ancient history. It is located on the Adriatic coast of the Balkan Peninsula. It has a temperate climate, a variety of tourist attractions and a vibrant nightlife. One of the main reasons for pensioners to live in Albania is the cost of living.

Life in Albania is much cheaper than in western countries. Furthermore, taxes are very low and there are no inheritance or inheritance taxes. Health services are also free or very cheap. costa albanaese houses tourismAnother reason why pensioners should consider moving to Albania is the high quality of life.

The people in Albania are very friendly, the roads are safe and the environment is very clean. There are many green areas, national parks and other places of interest that pensioners can explore.

n addition, Albania is a very multicultural country with a rich history and traditions. Another great opportunity for pensioners who want to live in Albania is the possibility of buying a house or flat at reasonable prices.

There are many opportunities for pensioners to buy a house or flat in Albania at very low prices. In addition, there are many affordable rental programmes available.


I am retired in Albania how can I put my experience to use?

For pensioners who want to live in Albania, there are also many job opportunities. There are many opportunities for pensioners to find part-time or part-time work as teachers, health workers, business assistants, consultants, programmers and more. In addition, Albania has a rich economy and there are many job opportunities for pensioners.


What does local life in Albania offer for us pensioners?

There are many opportunities for recreation and entertainment in Albania. There are many festivals, cultural events, theatre performances and concerts. There are also many opportunities to travel in Albania, which offers a wide variety of landscapes and tourist attractions. Albania offers pensioners an unparalleled opportunity to live a safe, comfortable and opportunity-rich life. The quality of life in Albania is very high, with a low cost of living, free or reasonably priced health services and many job opportunities. In addition, Albania offers pensioners a wide variety of leisure and entertainment. If you are looking for a great opportunity to live a comfortable life in a country rich in culture and traditions, consider Albania. In summary, for Italian pensioners who are interested in moving to and receiving their pensions in Albania, it allows them to live well with a very high standard of living and a taxation of only 1%.


I am retired and would like to take up residence in Albania how does this work with my pension?

  • Albania allows this possibility for workers, both self-employed and employees, registered with INPS. In this case, we take care of relations with the general consulate of the Italian Embassy to formalise AIRE registration, and with the immigration office of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Albania to obtain a residence permit. From the second year of residence, which is valid for 6 months plus one week in Albanian territory, the INPS pensioner will be able to request from INPS the domiciliation, in Albania, of thea their gross pension deducted at a rate of 99 per cent. The crediting will take place at a bank of ours.a agreement within the Albanian banks association, and assist the pensioner in the relevant activation practices, taking into account those institutions already oriented towards simplification (some banks only accept identity cards)


What if I am an Inpdap pensioner from a public body?

  • The ex-Inpdap pensioners, i.e. from the civil service schemes, unfortunately do not benefit from the pension tax deduction at source, but they can take advantage of the capital market of the Republic of Albania to initiate weighted risk diversification and investment operations for profitability, according to their asset possibilities, with the banks of the conventional circuit, such as Intesa and Unione Banche Albbanesi.



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