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We are committed to providing you with a wide range of services

Financial counselling

We are experts in corporate finance.

Acquisitions and capital increases. Private equity. Azeta is in contact with quality investors. Confidentiality guaranteed. Financial monitoring.

Investment Strategy

We always activate the process of allocating one's portfolio between different asset classes. Our goal is to achieve consistently high performance from long-term investments.

Banking support

We relate banks Italian and Albanian companies and institutions to develop their projects and strategies for industrialisation and support to Business in the Albanian and international markets.


The accounting service is carried out within the firm with a special department supervised by a Albanian professional accountant, auditing and accounting advice is provided by a proven team of professionals, who will follow you through the customs practices, accounting and any other accounting problems.

Tax planning

Tax planning is a a very useful tool for all companies to reduce their tax base, and thus the tax burdenin a completely legal manner. Careful tax planning means reorganising the financial and tax structure of your company to decrease taxable income through instruments regularly provided for by the Italian tax system.

Funding search

Azeta supports your search, more challenging and ambitious development or innovation, facilitating access to co-European funding through the collaboration with Italian and European studies proven professionalism in designing and drafting business plans, which will enable you to receive guarantees from the European Investment Bank .

What we give you

Why choose us

We guide you towards your future in Albania.

Years of experience in the field

In our team we have experts in various economic and financial sectors and in the international relations, our professionals have been active for years in international markets in the Balkans and other continents.

customised approach

Each company is unique, in its skills, in its needs, in its market vision. We at Azeta will tailor the perfect suit for you like a tailor.

Excellent support

Azeta's Core Business, is the support and accompaniment of companies in the Albanian and Balkan markets. We accompany your company through to its consolidation in Albania.

what do you want to do now?

Do you want to pay more taxes in Italy with a recession just around the corner, galloping inflation and ever higher gas and electricity costs and a shortage of raw materials, or would you like to get in touch with us to develop your business opportunity in Albania and change your situation?

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