Dr Roberto d'Amato

An international lawyer, his practice focuses on international agreements and relations, contract law and company incorporation.

Titles and diplomas

  • Master's Degree in Law from the Ecampus University of Studies.
  • Degree in Political Science and Social Economics from the Swiss Leonardo da Vinci University. Grade 110/110
  • Bachelor's degree in Historical Sciences also from the Swiss Leonardo da Vinci University. Rated 110/110
  • Diploma of accountant and commercial expertobtained at the Technical Commercial Institute Gian Rinaldo Carli of Trieste.
universita leonardo davinci svizzera internazionale

In addition:

  • He attended the University of Bologna, the most beautiful and oldest university in the world, the Alma Mater, dating back to the year 1000, with the Irnerio school of law.
  • It has had as lecturers private lawProfessor Emeritus Francesco Galganowho has written books and legal texts for thousands of UNIVERSITY high school students, created Peru's private law. For years, Phd Francesco Galgano has been one of the Agnelli's top lawyers.
  • He was also taught by English professor Ugo Ruffolo of civil law, legal advisor on Rai 3's mi manda Lubrano column.
  • He has been taught by administrative law the former Rector of the University of Bologna Roversi Monaco.


  • He has published ten books on history and two on economics.

Language experience

  • Good English
  • School Spanish
  • French Good

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