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7 reasons to invest in Albania

Pay less tax

In Albania, taxation is 0% zero up to an income of EUR 122,000.
This parameter is valid for those companies of both persons and capital that have an interest in establishing themselves on its territory.

Thus, both personal companies and capital companies such as LLCs, up to EUR 122,000 pay no tax on profits, whereas SpAs pay a flat tax of 15%.

The same taxation regime as for natural persons also applies to limited companies, provided they do not exceed a turnover of EUR 122,000.


So to recapitulate:

  • up to 122,000 you are exempt from profit tax, your company pays no tax
  • above 122,000 euro turnover only 5% is paid
  • La Public limited company, S.A. has a flat tax of 15% per annum

If without the obligation to file a tax return

There is no obligation to file a tax return until 2029.

Prime Minister Edi Rama passed a law that as soon as 2030, a system of IRPEF brackets will come into force at a rate of no more than 33 %

Take advantage of the bilateral double taxation convention

A bilateral convention against double taxation is in force between Italy and Albania, signed in Tirana on 12 December 1994 and entered into force on 21/12/1999. Therefore the income of your company in Albania can only be taxed in Albania.

Pay less for energy

Contrary to what happens in neighbouring Italy where many SMEs have discovered themselves after the pandemic as energy-hungry companies and are in the grip of energy speculation, inflation and recession, in Albania electricity
continues to maintain the fixed and constant price of 2021.

Electricity costs are still under control. The Albanian government has implemented regulations to protect productive enterprises and households and has an energy policy that is promoting wind and solar power in cooperation with many international partners.

Pay less for labour

Labour costs are significantly lower than in Italy even the cost of living is significantly lower than in Italy,
It is also very easy to find staff who speak Italian and English.

This factor greatly simplifies the needs of the personnel department of an SME, which more often than not is faced with major problems when it comes to the critical issue of hiring personnel in a foreign location of the Italian parent company.

You benefit from Albanian Tax Planning No Tax Area until 2030

The advantages for an SME to work and produce in Albania are many, the country is a huge No Tax Area (the surface area of the country is like Lombardy but the population is like that of Liguria)

The Albanian government has implemented aggressive tax planning to attract investment to its territory,
the Albanian Parliament, has enacted and is promoting other laws to protect foreign capital and investments on the territory of the Republic of Albania,
with the clear intention of attracting capital and investment to the country to accelerate its development and economic growth.

So as of today, we can confidently say that you can invest in Albania at 'Chinese' prices on the Adriatic coast,
living, however, only an hour's flight from Milan and a 36-minute ferry ride from Bari.

Invest in Albania, a natural bridge between the Balkans and Italy / Europe

In Albania you have the strategic advantage for the distribution of goods, and Integrated Port Logistics is having a great development both in rail connections to Bulgaria and in all neighbouring countries, which as Port Hub Tax Free Area (Free Port).

Albania is geographically located in a favourable point for those who produce in the area because they can distribute goods both in the Balkans and as far as the Black Sea.

The strategic location country's natural environment allows goods to be produced and distributed in Italy, Europe using sea and land routes throughout the Mediterranean.


In Albania you can find Customs Free Zonesi.e. spaces in the customs territory where third goods may be stored under suspension of the payment of customs duties, carry out usual forms of handling and processing under the temporary importation procedure in order to be imported, nationalised or re-exported or placed under another customs procedure.

The free port is free zoneor also free economic or extra-customs zone is a delimited territory in Albania where you can enjoy tax benefits, such as not paying import duties on goods or the absence of taxes.

You have personal peace of mind

By investing in Albania you will sleep sound dreams as well as being able to follow your investment just 1 hour flight from Milan and 36 minutes by ferry from Bari.

You will have the peace of mind of operating in an ecosystem like the Albanian one where the law facilitates your investment and gives you the peace of mind of operating in an economic system that is all about facilitating your business.

In Albania, the revenue agency has a different relationship with the entrepreneur if we compare it to what happens in Italy, where every entrepreneur is seen as a scoundrel and an evader who must be punished and stifled.

In Albania, unlike in Italy, the entrepreneur is seen as a driving force behind the country's wealth and development, which is why his or her work is considered and supported at its best and protected, because it brings wealth and growth to Albania.

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